Sunday, June 24, 2018
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Tenborg Technologies announces the new Nitronic ST215W stripping and twisting machine with Way-back
Tenborg Technologies is proud to announce the new Nitronic ST215W stripping and twisting machine with Way-back. The ST215W is specially designed for tiny cables and wires with diameters of up to 50AWG. These types of cables and wires are commonly used in the medical industry, aerospace and aviation applications, as well as numerous other industries which require the absolute highest quality wire and cable stripping.

The precise and repeatable stripping of hard to strip micro-coaxial cable, teflon, kapton and kynar is guaranteed by the fully adjustable centering unit and proven four-blade system. The centering unit, with its infinite adjust-ability, allows you to center the wire or cable relative to the blades. This system provides precise centering but without transferring any pressure to the cable. This prevents any damage or marks on the insulation and allows for the processing of Micro-coaxial cables. Stripping on the ST215W can be accomplished with or without rotation. When wire twisting is desired, you can set the machine to rotate in both clockwise and counter clockwise rotations.

The new feature is the infinitely adjustable "Way-back". This function allows for the blades to open a few hundredths of a millimeter or a thousandth of an inch before the withdrawal. This again increases the stripping quality, especially when these small cables have such tight tolerances in diameter. Key benefits include, a sensor activated start cycle (optional foot pedal activation).easy adjustable blade feed rates, quick length and diameter control and safety shield / slug guard. 

If you require 100% percent accuracy and repeatability and have a no scrape or no nick policy. Nitronic is the answer you were looking for. If you were wondering how your competitor achieves this, now you know. Nitronic is the secret weapon your competitor has not told you about.

See the Nitronic ST215W at the Wire Processing Technology Expo. Tenborg Technologies Booth 1406

CONTACT: Tenborg Technologies LLC |, 26676 Sinforosa Drive | Mission Viejo, CA 92691 | 949.678.0128 (direct phone) | 949.581.3083 (fax)

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