Monday, June 25, 2018

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ECD SensorWATCH Factory-Wide Humidity Monitoring System Mitigates MSD and ESD Risk
Humidity and temperature monitoring system.
Milwaukie, OR — ECD launches its latest product to reduce the risk of MSD- and ESD-related defects. The new system, called SensorWATCH, is said to be the first factory-wide humidity and temperature monitoring system that provides customer audit protection, delivers 24/7/365 access to factory conditions worldwide, and eliminates time-consuming manual record keeping.

Moisture can adversely affect almost everything in an electronics manufacturing environment and cause corrosion, poor solder paste performance, as well as delamination and internal cracking at the component level. SensorWATCH measures and records temperature and humidity to comply with standards developed to prevent MSD- and ESD-related defects.

SensorWATCH has audit protection for continuous monitoring, logging, and recording of factory-wide humidity and temperature levels, providing on-demand customer audit report data. It provides anytime, anywhere access to humidity and temperature data in any company facility, for any monitored process area on any internet-enabled device. Traceability is achieved by its Triple-source Guard Dog protection which guarantees no data loss security and allows instant response to requests. Manual record keeping is eliminated with electronic, time-stamped logging and cloud storage. Also included are task-specific instruments such as sensors that are calibrated for the unique requirements of specific areas such as screen printing and dry cabinets. The system is plug-and-play, so easy to install and operate. SensorWATCH will be commercially available in April 2013. A free copy of ECD's "Guide to Humidity Monitoring" is available on the website.

Contact: ECD, 4287-B SE International Way, Milwaukie, OR 97222 503-659-6100 fax 503-659-4422 E-mail: Web:

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