Monday, June 18, 2018
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Weidmuller New DC/DC Converter for Power Supply
New DC/DC converter.
Richmond, VA — Weidmuller has introduced a new DC/DC converter to the PRO-M Power Supplies product line optimized for machinery. This new electrically isolated DC/DC converter protects against critical earth loops — from an unregulated or distorted input voltage, it generates a stable, low-distortion output voltage. With class III protection the compact converter is ideal for use in earth-free power systems, such as the battery backup systems found in marine technology, as well as in oil and gas, machinery, and factory automation applications.

Weidmuller's DC/DC Converter is a versatile solution for all 24 VDC power supply applications. It features industry leading power specifications, excellent resistance to shock and vibration, an extremely thin profile, over 91% efficiency, and a status signal for remote monitoring.

Weidmuller's thin design (60mm width) and the capability to be mounted side-by-side without clearance requirements saves space in the cabinet. A metal clip-on foot provides increased stability on the DIN-rail. Integrated features such as an alarm output, which monitors the status of the 24V output voltage, an LED that indicates DC OK status for the output voltage, transistor outputs, and on/off status of the relay contact provide convenient operating and trouble shooting indicators.

Weidmuller's DC/DC Converter is extensively protected with an internal fuse on the input side and on the output side with short-circuit and overload protection as well as a power boost at 24VDC of 12A for one minute.

The DC/DC Converter is designed for extreme environments with an operating temperature range of -25° C to +70° C and approvals ranging from CE, TUV and GL to cULus and cURus for applications worldwide. 3-year warranty.

Contact: Weidmuller Interconnections, 821 Southlake Blvd. Richmond, Virginia 23236 800-849-9343 fax 804-379-2593 Web

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