Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Handheld Aven zipScope Gains Polarizer and 9-MP Clarity
High-resolution hand-held microscope.
Ann Arbor, MI — A 9-megapixel sensor significantly upgrades the Aven zipScope, a compact hand-held microscope for capturing high-resolution images and video. The new model also gains a built-in, adjustable polarizer to reduce glare from reflective surfaces. Both features expand the zipScope's suitability for assembly quality control, such as checking metal parts and production samples, and other magnified inspection applications.

Magnification can be adjusted from 10x to 50x. Eight white LED lights have two intensity settings.

The contrast-enhancing polarizer assures superior viewing and precision close-ups of polished metal, silicon chips, ceramic, glass and other shiny objects. Polarized light microscopy also is suited for examining minerals, polymers and biological materials.

Image and video-capture software is included. Aven's zipScope has a ?" color CMOS image sensor, automatic exposure, automatic white balance and a focus range of 10mm to 50mm via a large knob. It shoots AVI format video at 30 frames per second.

The zipScope has a USB power connection and an adjustable metal stand for fixed-position use.

The case's rubberized coating provides comfort, durability and a sure grip. An imaging button is on the body, eliminating the need to tap an external keypad.

A 2-megapixel zipScope also is in Aven's line of precision inspection instruments.

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