Monday, June 18, 2018
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Goepel's Boundary Scan Bundle for Technology Entry
Low cost boundary scan system.
Austin TX — GOEPEL electronic provides a complete low cost boundary scan system for beginners in JTAG/Boundary Scan or users with cost-sensitive projects. PicoTAP Designer Studio includes hardware and software with a reasonable price-performance ratio. In addition to a mixed signal I/O module, the bundle contains PicoTAP, a small USB powered boundary scan controller that can be plugged directly into the I/O module. The hardware/software bundle contains a PicoTAP controller, the SYSTEM CASCON Basic/SX Development Station, and a CION Module FXT-96/A which can test analog and digital peripheral ports. Additionally, relays and Opto I/O are available for flexible test coverage. Two package versions are available. The bundle's performance level can be extended from pure test capabilities of the base version to additional applications such as in-system programming of small Flash and PLD or memory and cluster test. Additional hardware and software options are available.

Contact: GOEPEL Electronics LLC, 9737 Great Hills Trail, Austin, TX 78759

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