Friday, June 22, 2018
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Essemtec Premiers Reflow Oven Control Software
New software controls reflow and curing processes and ovens.
Aesch Switzerland —RO-CONTROL and RO-SOFT version 7 software packages from Essemtec allow simulation, control, and documentation for reflow and curing ovens and processes. All new RO300 and RO400 series reflow ovens are now delivered with RO-CONTROL 7 and RO-SOFT 7. Both software packages require Windows 7 and can be upgraded. RO-CONTROL 7 controls and regulates oven zone temperatures, feed rate, and conveyor width. Depending on the oven model, RO-CONTROL 7 can automatically set up an oven and start production when ready. Status messages are displayed graphically and both incoming/ outgoing boards are monitored and auto-save snapshots temperature and speed values in a CSV type file. Software modules can be released to specific individuals and all operator actions are logged allowing only those with appropriate authorization to create or modify soldering programs, solder paste data, or SMEMA interface settings. Based on temperature settings, product data and throughput expectations, RO-CONTROL can assist operators to simulate expected temperature profile. RO-CONTROL 7 and RO-SOFT 7 measure temperature profiles directly on the PCB using thermocouples. Multiple measurements can be overlaid to detect deviations and can be exported as CSV and graphics. For verification, simulated profiles can be graphically compared to measured values and solder paste specifications. RO-CONTROL 7 enables oven control Deluxe and is available as an option for RO300FC and RO400FC reflow ovens. The measurement module RO-SOFT 7 is part of RO-CONTROL 7, but also is available as standalone software. Language support is available and has been extended to include Polish.

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