Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Chroma Sync Hipot Tester Measures Up To 100 Channels Simultaneously
Multichannel hipot tester.
Foothill Ranch, CA — Chroma Systems Solutions announces the release of their new 19020 Series multichannel hipot tester. A new architecture allows the 19020 to measure Hipot leakage current of all channels at the same time and conduct tests on a maximum of 100 devices under test (DUTs) simultaneously. The 19020 was developed with a synchronous hipot test function allowing the unit to perform 10 channels sync output and measurements at the same time. A maximum of 10 units can be simultaneously controlled for 100 total test channels. Channels can be grouped for output to avoid creating large voltage output differences. Chroma's 19020 synchronizes the output signal removing the risk of high voltage differences on adjacent DUTs. If not synchronized, voltage outputs on adjacent channels could be out of phase and substantially increase the voltage potential between adjacent outputs, risk damage to fixtures, and cause erroneous test results. The tester has flashover detection and open/short check. It monitors change rates of test voltage or leakage current to detect flashover for electrical safety testing and the open/short function checks for failures occurring during the test. Through its I/O interface, test results from the 19020 can be reported individually or collectively. The unit allows memory recall of the first 7 memory locations providing individual test results from CH1-CH10 and provides a general PASS_FAIL result making it very simple to use with a PLC. The Chroma 19020 Multichannel Hipot tester can be used in automated applications where simultaneous testing of multiple DUTs is beneficial such as testing power cord and cable materials, capacitor and resistance testing, and insulation testing of switches and connectors. The unit is also useful as a one time tester for transformers, chargers, and adapters. With the 190201 3-CH scanner added, the 19020 can complete three hipot tests at once. The 19020 contains several international patents and is claimed by Chroma to be the best tool for electrical regulatory hipot testing. Accessories and fixtures for the 19020 are available.

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