Monday, June 18, 2018
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Chemtronics Introduces Ultra-Flexible Konform Flexcoat Conformal Coating
Non-silicon flexible conformal coating.
Kennesaw Ga. — Chemtronics® Konform® Flexcoat conformal coating is designed for applications where flexibility and protection are required. It is as flexible as an RTV silicone, but without the disadvantages of silicone. Konform Flexcoat provides a soft, rubbery, protective coating that will coat evenly and provide a flexible and durable protective barrier against humidity, salt, corrosive vapors, and fungus. The coating is suited for both flexible and rigid printed circuit boards and electronic assemblies. The cured coating can easily be removed by cutting a small section and peeling the coating away from the surface or by solvent immersion of the whole board.

Konform conformal coatings are used to protect printed circuit boards, components, and flex circuitry. These coatings provide excellent electrical insulation and withstand hot and cold operating environments, as well as heat generated by electronic circuitry. Konform Flexcoat meets IPC-CC-830B Class B and contains a UV indicator for quality control inspection. It is compliant with European RoHS and REACH directives.

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