Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Automated RTV Silicone Dispenser from Dispense Works
RTV silicone dispenser.
McHenry, IL — Dispense Works' Axis 300 is a benchtop solution for automatically dispensing RTV. Features of the Axis 300 include continuous contouring and real time syringe / valve control for dispensing silicone beads of consistent widths and volume. The speed setting controls the tip velocity regardless of which axes are being run and a look-ahead function knows when to accelerate and decelerate the dispensing head. The Dispense Works robot has a built in digital valve controller and a full length T slot base to simplify fixturing and tooling. The dispensing system is shipped pre-programmed requiring only a few settings to be entered for controlling the motion path, material, and speed. Settings are provided for important parameters: early shutoff, late start, overlap, and a dwell timer. The Axis 300 is made in the USA.

Contact: Dispense Works, 4071 Albany Street, McHenry, IL 60050 815-363-3524 fax: 815-363-8089 E-mail: Web:

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