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New Low-Temperature Cure Die Attach Adhesive from Engineered Material Systems
Delaware, OH — Engineered Material Systems debuts its 561-50 low temperature cure die attach adhesive for attaching semiconductor die in temperature-sensitive devices. The new electrically conductive d adhesive fits smart card, camera module, flex circuit, and other temperature-sensitive applications.\par \The 561-50 is more than 90 percent cured after 30 minutes at 80°C, but has a dispensing work life greater than 48 hours (measured as a 25 percent increase in viscosity), while maintaining optimized rheology for dispensing and excellent damp heat resistance and conductivity stability. The flexibility of the adhesive suits applications with high peel strength as it can withstand the stresses induced in flexible electronics and display applications and can be fast cured at elevated temperatures (1minute at 180°C).

Contact: Engineered Materials Systems Inc., 132 Johnson Dr., Delaware, OH 43015-8699

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