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Agilent Technologies' Wireless Communications Test Set with Integrated Multiport Adapter
Wireless communications test set.
Santa Clara, CA — Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) introduced its new E6607C EXT wireless communications test set, featuring an integrated multiport adapter for cost-effective, high-volume wireless device manufacturing test. Optimized for testing multiple devices simultaneously, the EXT-C with integrated multiport adapter enables up to 3x gain in effective test throughput (vs. the EXT-B) for less than 1.3x the price.

Agilent's EXT-C is an integrated one-box tester that includes a vector signal analyzer, vector signal generator, high-speed sequence analyzer, eight bi-directional input/output ports for multiformat cellular testing, and four output ports for GNSS testing. Optimized for the fast-sequenced nonsignaling test methods required by the latest wireless-modem chipsets, the advanced EXT-C sequence analyzer works in synchronization with the modem chipset to eliminate signaling overhead and enable multiple measurements from a single acquisition. Combined with fully calibrated multi-DUT test capabilities, the EXT-C helps manufacturers achieve faster tests and increase yield on the production line. The EXT-C addresses increases test throughput while keeping the overall cost of test equipment affordable and reducing the space and power used on the manufacturing line.

To minimize change in test processes and streamline the transition from R&D to volume manufacturing, the EXT-C uses the X-Series measurement science on Agilent spectrum analyzers to deliver measurement applications tailored for fast manufacturing test. The EXT-C can be configured with a variety of X-Series measurement applications for cellular communications, wireless connectivity, and digital audio/video, with support for standards such as LTE FDD, LTE TDD, TD-SCDMA and 2G/3G. Individual X-Series measurement applications can be included with the original instrument purchase or added later. A comprehensive set of complementary software tools to accelerate test development is also available.

The E6607C is fully backward compatible in terms of functionality with the previous-generation E6607B EXT and E6617A MPA combination. It offers full cellular-band coverage up to 3.8 GHz (including LTE TDD Band 43) and support for the fast-sequenced test modes implemented in the latest chipsets.

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