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Publication Date: 12/1/2012
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Juki Celebrates 75 Years of Global Innovation and Quality
TOKYO JUKI MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION was founded in December 1938 and recently shipped its 25,000th SMT placement machine. Juki's new headquarters in Tokyo's Tama City, implemented a Japanese comprehensive building plan that received an "A" rating for environmental efficiency.

Juki Corporation was founded in December 1938 when approximately 900 machinery manufacturers in Tokyo invested in the corporation and commenced operation under the corporate name: "TOKYO JUKI MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION." Juki focused on sewing machine technology as well as surface mount technology (SMT) mounting and assembly systems. It has built a reputation as a world leader in both areas. In the sewing technology arena, the firm now supplies 170 nations with sewing equipment and related products, representing 67 percent of the company's overall sewing machine revenue. In the SMT arena, Juki recently shipped its 25,000th SMT placement machine, reaching a milestone in the electronics industry.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with subsidiaries worldwide , Juki Corporation has from its inception endeavored to create new values through "Monodzukuri" (the art of product-making) and the ongoing invention and evolution of technologies. Today, the company is effectively advancing business reforms on every operational front from development and manufacture to sales and marketing. Juki Corporation's goal is to thrive in the 21st century as a strong global enterprise.

Global Responsibility
As part of its commitment to providing quality products, the Juki Group carefully considers the environment at every stage of the product lifecycle, from material procurement, manufacture, transportation and use to recycling and disposal. The company introduced the "JUKI ECO-PRODUCTS AUTHORIZATION SYSTEM" in March 2009, and evaluates 38 assessment items relating to the environment at the product development stage. Juki recognizes that activities of enterprises are closely related to the global environment and, as a result, makes strong efforts to contribute to the local community and society through environmentally-conscious activities; provide people around the world with environmentally friendly products; and play an active role to hand down a better global environment to future generations through continuous activities.

Legacy of product development
Juki's insight into the world of sewing machine manufacturing began with home machines in 1947. The company progressed to basic industrial machines before advancing to electronic units and eventually to today's automated sewing systems. The company's current slogan - "Mind and Technology" - reflects its global philosophy of providing customers with the highest quality product and services according to their specific needs.
Juki Automation Systems' Bob Black

Juki shipped its first SMT placement machine in 1987 and by 1993 became the pioneer of the modular assembly line. Since that time, the company has increased the speed of its machines while maintaining the flexibility and high quality for which it is known.

In today's fast-moving production environment, diversifying needs and borderless price competition mean that even higher levels of quality and more efficient production are required. In December 2009, Juki completed building its new headquarters in Tokyo's Tama City, using a Japanese comprehensive building plan that received an "A" rating for environmental efficiency. This investment in infrastructure represents the company's understanding of the importance for state-of-the-art technology. The placement technology center is fully equipped with class 1000 clean rooms for developing hybrid solutions for SMT and semiconductor placement.

Centralized manufacturing systems
Juki's strength in the SMT placement market comes from its renowned core competency in manufacturing. Juki uses the concentration of product bases for the uniform production system throughout group companies while utilizing digital cell production lines that lead to stable production quality. These efficient production methods help enable the company to continually supply high levels of outstanding products at all times. This production strategy includes centralizing mounter and accessory production into one centrally located facility for quality purposes, allowing the various departments to interact, ensuring that the company continuously meets and exceeds customer requirements.

Broad product range
Today, Juki maintains its role as the leading innovator of high-quality products with leading-edge technology that is demanded by an electronics industry that continuously calls for miniaturization, high efficiencies and low cost. Juki continues to build on its "3E concept" of ease of use, expandability and economical products. The JX series is an excellent entry-level, low-cost compact mounter that is widely used for prototyping, OEM production and for the expanding LED market. The JX series supports the manufacture of up to 1200 mm long circuit boards that enables production of modern and environmentally friendly LED-based products.
The FX series high-speed chip-shooter combined with the KE series flexible mounter has the ability to run high-speed, high-mix production lines that support quick changeover.

The FX series high-speed chip-shooter combined with the KE series flexible mounter has the ability to run high-speed, high-mix production lines that support quick changeover with the use of rugged in-line trolleys supported by industry-leading line optimization software to eliminate production bottlenecks. The manufacturing quality and reliability of the equipment is supported with a full three-year parts warranty for all machines sold in the Americas and Europe. As a result of this warranty, customers do not pay for parts for the first three years of ownership. After that, the average cost is less than $500 per year.

The winner of more than 30 industry awards, Juki has built its global image on a combination of top-quality and high-reliability machines with a reputation for world-class service and support that result in the lowest production costs for its customers. Additionally, Juki Automation Systems offers selective solder and stamp soldering machines backed by the largest field service group in the industry.

Juki Automation Systems' President and CEO Bob Black commented on this milestone, "All of us at Juki want to thank our customers worldwide who have enabled us to reach this 75th anniversary. It is their repeated purchases of our products that is the foundation of our success."

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