Monday, June 18, 2018
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SIPLACE team completes successful APEX in San Diego
 a large 15ft wide plasma the visitors could watch the live demonstrations and innovative products, for example how easy it is to de-bug an NPI offline.
MUNICH, Germany -  
At this year’s APEX Expo, the SIPLACE team of ASM Assembly Systems continued to demonstrate how SIPLACE can simplify prominent and demanding electronics manufacturing challenges. “Over the course of our three show days the response to our live demonstrations and innovative products on display was great and the SIPLACE booth was continually busy with visitors. We were very happy that our message was so well received,” said Mark Ogden, SIPLACE Marketing Manager Americas. The live presentation focused on the many powerful software tools that SIPLACE offers. Visitors witnessed how the combination of software tools and a constraint-free hardware platform really makes all the difference when doing NPI, changeover or production planning. At a large 15ft wide plasma the audience could watch how easy it is to de-bug an NPI offline, and then quickly made some last minute changes right on the machine before production.

The presentation continued with a demo of set-up-guidance and next set up screens, which help operators identify which feeders can remain on the line during a changeover, and which missing material needs to be added. The SIPLACE team then showed how true “feeder anywhere” works, by placing feeders randomly in any slot on the whole 3 SX machine production line. Finally a live analysis in the SIPLACE Sicluster software enabled the audience to see how family set ups can potentially reduce changeovers from 20 down to only 2 in a matter of minutes.

Exhibits on the booth included the SIPLACE SX placement machine, equipped with the SIPLACE MultiStar head and SIPLACE Smart Pin Support System as well as random feeder set up software.

Attendees were also able to see demonstrations of the newly released SIPLACE GlueFeeder. This unique tool allows manufacturers to apply glue dots to the underside of a component instead of to the surface of a board. Being a small format feeder, means that the glue feeder can be easily deployed to any machine in the factory where it is needed. Visitors also had the opportunity to see a live gantry exchange on the booth.

View a video of Phil Stoten's interview with Jeff Timms from the APEX floor by clicking here:

For more information about the IPC APEX 2013 and the company, visit to see more videos from the show.

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