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Ohmite Intros Two New Extrusion-Form Heat Sinks
SMD heat sinks.
Arlington Heights, IL — Ohmite Manufacturing, a leading provider of thermal solutions and resistors for high current, high voltage and high energy applications has expanded its D Series of surface mount device (SMD) heat sinks with two new extrusion forms. Designed to better facilitate pick-and-place equipment, these new forms provide increased options and flexibility.

Unlike their predecessor, the Style 10, the Style 20 and Style 30 require no Kapton tape for handling by automatic pick-and-place equipment. Both heat sinks have been designed with a flat zone in the top center, eliminating the need for customers to provide additional supplies. Rather than losing surface area to accommodate this convenience, these forms feature inverted fins on the underside of the heat sink. In this way, they maintain the superior cooling performance of the extruded D Series.

The larger of the two new forms, the Style 30, has a 19.1mm footprint for TO-268 devices, while the smaller (14.2mm) Style 20 has a footprint to match TO-252 and TO-263 requirements. According to the manufacturer, the extruded D Series can provide up to three times the cooling performance of competing devices for these applications, allowing engineers to protect expensive active components and ensure their long-term reliability.

Style 20 and Style 30 heat sinks are packaged in 250-piece reels

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