Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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3D X-Ray Inspection Provides Quality Check of Double-sided PCBs

Today's electronics are more compact, complex and faster than earlier versions of the same products. Smaller products demand reduced power usage along with lower costs. Space saving techniques used to accomplish these goals includes newer component packages with hidden leads under ...

Dog-Bones and Daisy Chain for Test Labs

Engineers routinely use dummy IC packages with internal daisy chain circuitry — fondly known as "Dog-Bones" within the PC board design community. Daisy chain provides engineers with a simple and cost-effective testing mechanism to glean valuable data about process failures. Such ...

Highly Accelerated Stress Screenings

Considering that electronics giants such as Apple® manage to introduce new and improved products every year, the need for faster and more accurate reliability checking comes into sharp focus. While traditional environmental stress screenings such as "burn-in" still have their place ...

Low Cost Electrical Test for Counterfeit Device Detection

It's a dilemma faced frequently. When we take our car for repair, our mechanic can choose between factory replacement OEM parts or their lower priced alternative. We are told that third party parts are manufactured to the same rigid standards as the OEM version, but at a fraction of ...

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