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Viscom Scores NPI Award for Its SPI-AOI Uplink Function

Viscom announces that it has been awarded a 2013 NPI Award in the category of Software – Process Control for its SPI-AOI Uplink function. The award was presented to the company during a Tuesday, February 19, 2013 ceremony that took place at the San Diego Convention Center in California. The SPI-AOI-Uplink function links paste inspection and post-reflow inspection results for both easy and effective process control as well as improved classification of AOI results. 

The 3-D solder paste inspection is deployed in order to detect defects in paste print. Electronic assemblies that do not meet the specified criteria are already sorted out after the solder paste is printed. This is why the 3-D SPI has established itself as the standard by saving the unnecessary costs of reworking electronic assemblies, particularly in high quality electronic products.

The Viscom S3088 SPI performs these tasks reliably and at the highest speed. All essential 3-D features such as volume, height and form are recorded and checked, as well as surface area, displacement and smearing.

In solder paste inspection, generally a deviation of up to +-50 percent of the target value is allowed to avoid a high alarm rate while still producing acceptable solder joints. The typical irregularities inherent in the paste print process prohibit tighter tolerance thresholds. Because the SPI system provides far more accurate measurement data about the solder paste, using the data to improve process quality and to fully exploit the performance capacity of 3-D solder paste inspection is only logical. The catchphrase for this: Viscom Process Uplink. Data from the SPI and the post-reflow AOI are linked and transferred to the verification station after the AOI.This feature reduces human error, improves error detection with significantly fewer false alarms and provides efficient tools to optimize the process.

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