Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Embedded System Access (ESA) live Demonstration on Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC at Embedded World
NUREMBERG, Germany - 
At the Embedded World 2013 in Nuremberg/Germany, GOEPEL electronic demonstrated programming and test strategies based on the innovative Embedded System Access (ESA) technologies. As part of a technological partnership, Xilinx provided a special board featuring Zynq-XC7Z020 All Programmable SoC components.

FPGA Embedded Instruments within the frame of the ChipVORX® technology as well as Processor Emulation Tests based on the VarioTAP® technology were impressively demonstrated by executing hardware tests, design validations as well as Flash programming.

“The Zynq™-7000 platforms offer a completely new level of programmability for the highly flexible design of system-on-chip (SoC) based solutions. Visitors are welcome to learn how state-of-the-art processors can be supported in test and programming by our Embedded System Access strategies”, says Stefan Meissner, spokesman for GOEPEL electronic.  “This approach additionally demonstrates how to provide appropriate tools for test, hardware debug, Flash programming as well as design validation after chip mounting with minimal access efforts.”

Sanjay Gehani, Senior Manager Alliance Programme for Xilinx adds: “Programming and test are key considerations for customers taking Zynq-7000 designs to market, and we are excited by the extremely innovative work that GOEPEL electronic has undertaken in this area. GOEPEL electronic now offers a complete ESA portfolio for all Xilinx ICs spanning the wide range of processor core options we offer. Most importantly, their solution offers the seamless migration of test and programming procedures from design to production, supporting the entire product life cycle.”

About the Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC: 

The Zyng-7000 All Programmable SoC combines a high performance Dual Core ARM® Cortex™-A9 architecture with the functionality of a complex Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA). They enable fully programmable system integration in a set of hardware, IP and software, and simultaneously reduce the number of discrete components as well as the power consumption. Their system properties address a wide range of applications in areas such as industrial, medical devices, consumer, communication and automotive. The Zynq components are integrated in a BGA (Ball Grid Array) package, preventing direct contact with external instruments.

About Embedded System Access (ESA):

ESA technologies enable the electrical access to embedded systems without utilizing mechanical nails or probe contacts (non-invasive methods). They apply design-integrated test and debug interfaces such as JTAG. In addition to Boundary Scan, ESA technologies include procedures like Chip Embedded Instruments, Processor Emulation Test, In-system Programming or Core Assisted Programming. ESA technologies are currently the most modern strategies for validation, test and debug as well as programming complex chips, boards, and complete units.

About VarioTAP®:

VarioTAP® enables the reconfiguration of the integrated processor into a native design embedded test and programming controller via the JTAG Debug port. This test approach enables the functional at-speed test of all peripheral interfaces, incl. RAM, communication buses and analogue I/O. The execution of customer-specific software IP is also easily possible.

About ChipVORX®:

ChipVORX is an IP-based technology for implementation, access and control of Chip embedded Instruments via IEEE Std. 1149.x/JTAG. It also supports FPGA embedded Instruments in the form of softcores. GOEPEL electronic’s ChipVORX library currently contains more than 300 different test and measurement instruments for all leading FPGA platforms.

About GOEPEL electronic

GOEPEL electronic is a worldwide leading vendor of innovative electronic and optical test and inspection systems, being the market leader for professional JTAG/Boundary Scan solutions for Embedded System Access (ESA). A network of branch offices, distributors and service partners ensures the global availability of the products as well as the support of the more than 8,000 system installations. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Jena/Germany, GOEPEL electronic employs currently more than 200 employees and generated a revenue of 27 Million Euro in 2012 (ca. $36 Mio). GOEPEL electronic has continuously been ISO9001 certified since 1996 and has been honoured with TOP-JOB and TOP-100 awards for being one of the best medium-sized companies in Germany. GOEPEL electronic’s products won several awards in recent years and are used by the leading companies in telecommunication, automotive, space and avionics, industrial controls, medical technology, and other industries. Further information about the company and its products can be found on the internet at

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