Saturday, June 23, 2018
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From HEIDENHAIN Corporation, the world leader in precision measurement components and systems, comes a unique new online interactive training tool for CNC instruction called HIT (HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training). This new training solution was designed to create an informative yet entertaining learning experience and teaches the most important elements of a CNC machine and imparts fundamental knowledge about CNC programming.

HIT is intended for those interested in CNC qualification, as well as students and teachers who are interested in obtaining expert materials on CNC programming and machine operation. It is available as an economical download at, and is available in many languages.

Three modules make up this exciting learning solution: the HIT software, an online HEIDENHAIN programming station, and the HIT workbook, providing a relevant learning solution for qualified basic and advanced CNC training (see illustration). It also proves useful for people who are unfamiliar with CNC fundamentals. This can include vocational schools as well as those being retrained or master craftsmen who want to improve their machinists? skills.

HIT?s entertaining software for qualified fundamental and advanced training explains programming with HEIDENHAIN controls, called TNCs (Touch Numeric Controls). HIT combines theoretical training with practical exercises, and therefore simplifies the beginning steps of programming.

Both a free demo version and single and multiple licenses are available for download.

CONTACT: HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION, 333 E. State Parkway, Schaumburg, IL 60173. HEIDENHAIN can also be accessed directly via our North American web site at

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