Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Viscom presents new XM camera module for extreme cycle times and highest inspection depth
 The new XM camera module from Viscom

Duluth, GA –
IPC APEX Expo Booth # 3133
Viscom AG, the European market leader for automatic optical inspection (AOI) systems in electronic assembly production, has developed a totally new camera module. The new XM camera module   was introduced for the first time at the IPC APEX EXPO that took place February 19-21, 2013 at the San Diego Convention Center in California.

With the XM technology, Viscom has taken another major step in the development of camera modules. As the essential heart of an AOI system, camera modules are decisive for throughput and inspection depth during assembly inspection.

With an image capture rate of up to 1.8 gigapixel/sec, the new XM module is the fastest AOI camera system on the market. The XM module is a completely proprietary development from the company, combining more than 25 years’ experience in inspection technology.

With four-color illumination from all spatial directions,optimum contrast is achieved for all recognizable solder defects as well as for special effects such as script, polarity marks or colored components. Therefore, defects are reliably detected even with critical surface and reflection conditions on the electronic assembly.

With a switchable optical resolution of 16 or 8 µm, the high-performance module can handle the most extreme throughput requirements.
Due to the extremely fast inspection speed with very homogeneous illumination and high resolution, the inspection can be even better targeted to the respective electronic assembly. Extension of the angled view, capture of additional images for the verification station, and additional illuminations are nearly cycle time-neutral, so the operator has even greater flexibility in the inspection concept. This increases the inspection depth and first-pass yield without exceeding predetermined cycle times.

Of course, the XM module commands the typical Viscom angled view. The most demanding assembly layouts, including 01005 components, also can be reliably inspected. The new XM module is available for the S6056 as of now. Viscom customers benefit from the 8M compatibility mode. This function guarantees that to a great extent, already existing inspection patterns and complete libraries can be taken over with no changes.

CONTACT: Viscom Inc. · 1775 Breckinridge Parkway, Suite 500 · 30096 Duluth, GA, Tel.: +1 678 966-9835 · Fax: +1 678 966-9828, E-mail: info@viscomusa.com · Internet: www.viscom.com

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