Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Micrel Intros Automotive Linear Regulators
San Jose, CA — Micrel, Inc. has introduced two new AEC-Q100 qualified, high-performance linear regulators. Designed to withstand large input overvoltage transient (load dump) occurrences, which often occur in automotive and industrial applications, they can withstand up to 120VDC at input and have ultra-high PSRR of >90dB. According to the company, the high performance regulators have an operational voltage range that is the widest available at 6 to 120VDC. They provide 25mA/50mA guaranteed out current and an adjustable output from 1.27V to 5.5V. Output accuracy is said to be ±3 percent.

The units have thermal shutdown and current limit protection and come in a thermally efficient, 8-pin ePad MSOP package.

Contact: Micrel, Inc., 2180 Fortune Drive, San Jose, CA 95131 408-944-0800 Web:

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