Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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New ATS Instrument Measures Cold Plate Performance
Instrument measures heat and hydraulic performance of cold plates.
Norwood, MA — The iFLOW-200 system from Advanced Thermal Solutions assesses the thermal and hydraulic characteristics of cold plates in electronics cooling. It measures the coolant's temperature at inlet and outlet, fluid flow rate and pressure drop, and surface temperature.

The instrument can be used to simulate a wide range of conditions to optimize a cold plate's performance before it is commercialized or prior to its use in an actual application. It measures coolant temperature from 0 to +70°C with an accuracy stated at ±1°C. Differential pressure of the coolant in the cold plate is measured up to 103,000 Pa (15 psi). Distilled water is the reference coolant. For test comparisons, the system's coolingVIEW software can also calculate thermal resistance and pressure drop as a function of flow rate for selected liquids.

The instrument system includes a pair of K-type thermocouples for measuring temperature changes on the cold plate surface. Temperatures are monitored on the coolingVIEW interface.

Easy setup and operation to save time when evaluating different cold plate models. Designed for accuracy and convenience, the iFLOW-200 simply requires setting the starting and ending coolant flow rates, and choosing the dwell time, pumping power and other parameters. These are easily done on any PC using the system's user-friendly application program.

Contact: Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., 89-27 Access Road, Norwood, MA 02062 781-769-2800 fax 781-769-9979 Web:

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