Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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API Expands Product Offerings and Custom Capabilities
Wide range of magnetics products, many for hi-rel applications.
Orlando, FL — API Technologies Corp. has created an expanded magnetic product family emphasizing increased custom design and manufacturing capabilities. Since acquiring three well known magnetic entities, API has combined the people, products and technologies into a new division, the API Magnetics group. This group produces a very broad range of magnetic devices, including transformers, inductors, chokes and coils as well as custom application-specific solutions.

According to the company, the API Magnetics group is poised to help identify the ideal magnetic product for any application. It offers extensive custom design and manufacturing capabilities, and a wealth of experience in engineering.

In order to satisfy special requirements, the company's team will modify a standard product or develop a new "clean sheet" solution. These custom magnetic solutions result in a product that addresses a variety of critical design criteria, such as electrical characteristics, mechanical constraints, environmental conditions, regulatory requirements and qualification conditions.

Examples of products include: high frequency current transformers and load detector current sensors; precision wound heavy-duty toroidal inductors of up to 100 Amps; high frequency inverter transformers; laminate power transformers from 3 to 100,000VA; broadband and voiceband transformers used for datacom and telecom; custom and build-to-print air coils for RF power, filter and sensing applications.

Magnetics products can be built to meet some of the industry's most stringent requirements, including many MIL, ANSI and ISO certifications.

Contact: API Technologies' Magnetics Group, 4705 S. Apopka Vineland Road, Suite 210, Orlando, FL 32819 855-294-3800 E-mail: sales@apitech.com Web:

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