Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Alpha and Omega Intros Power MOSFET Packaging
New power MOSFET packaging aids cooling.
Sunnyvale, CA — Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited has introduced a new patent-pending packaging technology called XSFET. The technology incorporates exposed-source packaging whereby the bottom of the package is the "source", which enables power designers to remove heat more effectively to the PCB ground plane. Components can also be "top-exposed" or "non top-exposed" depending on design criteria.

The top-exposed version delivers a significant increase in heat transfer, which helps to reduce power losses in a system by keeping the die cooler.

The exposed-source technology allows electronic designs to achieve higher current density while keeping components operating cooler. Differing from some of the existing double-sided cooling packaging options in the market today, AOS's new exposed-source packaging solution offers standard lead-frame based board mounting in a fully encapsulated DFN molded package, minimizing the thermal discrepancy between the device and the PCB while offering near zero parasitic inductance with its layout friendly footprint.

Utilizing the company's new 30V AlphaMOS silicon technology together with exposed-source packaging, AOE6580 and AOE6580T (with top-exposed option) are reportedly the best-in-class 30V N-channel devices in the market today. Both devices are optimized for high performance demanding motor control, OR'ing, and E-fuse applications. Their very low on-resistance (RDS(ON) = 0.95mΩ max @10VGS) in exposed-source DFN 5 x 6 package also make these devices very attractive for power supplies in computing, telecom, and high power density point-of-load sockets.

Optimized for ultra-low conduction and switching losses, AOE6580 and AOE6580T minimize power losses in applications, thus providing power designers the flexibility in optimizing losses, performance, space, and cost.

Other models, AOE6770T and AOE6772T, offer very high efficiency in server and high-end notebook applications by utilizing the combination of 25V AlphaMOS silicon technology and exposed-source packaging technology with the top-exposed option in industry standard DFN 5 x 6 footprint. AOE7770T completes the solution as high-side MOSFET by combining exposed-source technology in compact DFN 3 x 3 footprint with top-exposed option.

AOE6770T, AOE6772T, AOE7770T, AOE6580, and AOE6580T are in halogen-free DFN packages and are MSL1 rated. They are all 100 percent UIS and Rg tested.

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