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ESD Safe Retention Packaging for Components
Tacki grid Pak.

It is nearly impossible for electronics and component suppliers and manufacturers to have specific packaging for every component variation at every stage of its handling. Components have often been moved in gelatinous packaging that allows components to be retained in a package without a dedicated design for that particular component. Conductive Containers Inc. (CCI) has taken this simple concept and improved the ESD protection.

Conductive Containers Inc. is a provider of static protective packaging and material handling products for over 35 years. The company has launched a new family of "Tacki" products for handling sensitive and fragile components. The Tacki products were designed for simplified handling, ESD safety, and physical protection.

Retention Packaging
Gelatinous type of retention packaging is only a great design for physical safety under normal handling conditions. The problem lies with the lack of ESD protection. The gelatinous material is typically charge-generating and can create ESD damage to the valuable components used in this type of package. Such damage may be catastrophic, leaving the component immediately inoperable. Other times the damage is initially unnoticed, leaving the part with latent ESD damage, shortening the component's life.

CCI's Tacki-Pak addresses the ESD issue in retention packaging. The Tacki Pak does not use an adhesive or a gelatinous material to retain the product but rather a "tacky" dissipative coating. This coating is applied to a conductive plastic insert that is placed in a conductive hinged box or tray. The coating can be controlled to create three different levels of tack I, II and III. The least retention is at level I and the most retention is at level III. The retention levels are dictated by the weight of the component to be handled as well as the handling system. With this system, the component can be placed, secured and removed while being protected both physically and electrostatically.
Tacki Pak.

The Tacki-Pak products are offered in four stock sizes of ESD-safe boxes and can be customized to fit many other sizes. In addition, CCI offers two Tacki handling trays as well as sheets of Tacki conductive material for use in a variety of ways. Users will frequently maximize their space by placing many small devices in one box. To assist in the organization and placement, CCI can print a grid on the Tacki-Pak insert sectioning it off into numbered areas. Tacki Grid-Paks are also available as off-the-shelf items or as a custom design.

Fine-Pitched Leads
The Tacki-Pak surface may not be ideal for devices with fine pitched leads as it is best to isolate and "float" the leads to avoid damage, and the company has developed a Tacki Pedestal-Pak to solve this problem. This package allows components to be
Pedestal Pak.
secured between two pedestals without touching the leads. The bottom pedestal is conductive solid plastic with the Tacki coating and the top pedestal is made from ESD safe foam. This design protects the components and helps the user avoid the requirement for Jedec trays or a custom thermoformed design. The Tacki Pedestal-Pak is suitable for protecting fragile leads and accommodating multiple sizes of the devices.

The Tacki surfaces are IPA cleanable without loss of static properties or loss of tackiness. In fact, cleaning will rejuvenate the "tacky" surface and remove particulates. So the Tacki products are a sustainable, reusable package for long-term use and reuse. CCI has designed the Tacki Pak into shipping applications with the use of ESD-safe foam pads on the top of the box. Each customer should test this for their individual application to assure that it will work under the shipping conditions expected.

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