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Zero Surge Intros Failure-Free Surge Protection
Panel-mount and plug-in surge protectors also filter EMI/RFI.
Frenchtown, NJ — The TRU-BLOCK Series from Zero Surge Inc. introduces safe, effective, and reliable solutions delivering unprecedented power surge protection for one or more entire rooms (panel-mount versions) or for up to eight separate outlets (plug-in versions designed for point-of-use applications). All products integrate patented filter technology performing consistently over time without the performance compromise of conventional components that historically wear out or degrade in service.

This series minimizes let-through voltage levels (330V or less) to safeguard sensitive electronics and will suppress surge current, voltage, and duration over a wide voltage range (175V MCOV, or Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage), which can prove especially beneficial during brownouts, power failures, or when generators are in use.

The company manufactures USA-made non-degrading panel mount, plug-in, and OEM power quality filters that suppress worst-case surges and perform EMI/RFI power line conditioning. The products eliminate the surge damage and equipment loss often experienced with sacrificial metal oxide varistor (MOV) type surge suppressors. TRU-BLOCK technology has been certified for worst-case surge endurance and will also remove EMI/RFI noise from power lines that could degrade and adversely affect equipment.

Panel-mount TRU-BLOCK products enable surge protection for one or more entire rooms, including dual models providing protection either for 20 amp 120V or 20 amp 240V applications. Plug-in TRU-BLOCK versions (15 amp capacity) offer two or eight outlets, depending on model. All TRU-BLOCK products are covered by a 10-year warranty and are available from certified electricians for commercial and residential applications.

Contact: Zero Surge Inc., 889 State Route 12, Frenchtown, NJ 08825 800-996-6696 E-mail: ddevico@ZeroSurge.com Web:
http://www. ZeroSurge.com

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