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New BGA Test Contactor from Johnstech
High performance BGA test contactor.
Minneapolis, MN — Johnstech International Corporation has introduced its newest BGA Series test contactor — the Verticon 100 BGA. According to the company, the new device offers best-in-class electrical performance and special mechanical advantages that make it the an outstanding solution for high precision device test. The test contactor reportedly provides high bandwidth, low inductance and low, stable contact resistance. Company sources explain that its short, solid contacts help make it well suited for high frequency wireless/microwave and digital interface applications, and its proprietary plating enables a high level of precision that is necessary for low noise DC measurements. According to the company, in recent multi-site customer testing, the Verticon 100 BGA provided higher first-pass yields and more speed binning compared to the spring-pin solutions the customers had been using. Because of "on-center technology," the Verticon contactor is compatible with many existing load boards, permitting an easy transition from spring pins to the higher performing Verticon product.

In addition to its superior and proven electrical performance, the test contactor offers specific mechanical advantages, as well. It has a patented micro-wipe action that breaks through oxides on the device ball, then clears the contact tip of debris. The Verticon 100 BGA's design also includes a fully replaceable cartridge, preassembled with contacts.

Contact: Johnstech International, 1210 New Brighton Blvd., Minneapolis, MN 55413 612-378-2020 Web:

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