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EMCO Bows Low Profile SMT Hi-V Supply
Recessed low-profile surface-mount high-voltage power supply.
Sutter Creek, CA — EMCO High Voltage Corporation has released the latest in its line of ultra-miniature high voltage converters. The new AG Series utilizes a novel surface mount design that recesses the power supply into a trench in the host PWB, resulting in a component height profile of kist 0.128-in. (7.11mm). The AG's extremely low profile, coupled with its ability to sit inside a circuit board, rather than on top, provides a versatile space-saving solution for OEM systems designers in applications where every millimeter counts. This unusual package (patent pending) can be mounted using the surface mount tabs or with swaged PC pins for through-hole applications.

According to the company, sources of ripple, EMI/RFI and conducted ripple current noise become more of an issue as electronics become smaller, because noise sources get closer to sensitive circuits. this converter mitigates the problem by utilizing a quasi-sine wave oscillator, fully shielded transformer, proven layout techniques and good filtering. The company's proprietary topology provides clean, reliable, robust and efficient DC-to-high-voltage-DC conversion. With a turn-on voltage of less than 0.7V, the AG Series accommodates a wide operating voltage range. A separate high impedance control pin facilitates the use of an external error amplifier in closed-loop systems, as well as providing a simple on/off control. The unit has very low input-to-output leakage current (less than 100nA) and very low coupling capacitance (<250pF). The thermally conductive 94V0 encapsulant and an embedded aluminum heatsink allow these modules to perform well in harsh environments.

Standard input voltages are 0 to 5, 12 or 24VDC. Alternate input voltages, output voltages or power levels are also available.

Contact: EMCO High Voltage Corporation, 70 Forest Products Road, Sutter Creek, CA 95685 800-546-3680 E-mail: Web:

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