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Fujipoly: New Board-Level Elastomeric Connector

Carteret, NJ — Fujipoly's Zebra 2004 Elastomeric Connector provides 140 electrical connections per inch when positioned between a circuit board and a parallel electronic device such as an LCD display. This unusual construction makes the connector excellent for devices with contact spacing as low ...

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Gigahertz-Optik Intros Uniform Light Source

Newburyport, MA — Gigahertz-Optik has introduced a new model integrating sphere light source, ISS-8P-HP, which reportedly provides uniformity equal to or better than 98 percent within 90 percent of its output port. The new source also provides a H-M-L (High, Medium, Low) setting of intensity level ...

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Global Test: New Electronic DC Loads

Escondido, CA — Global Test Solutions has introduced the DL Series electronic DC loads from NF Corporation. The new DC loads provide high-speed feedback control, fast response times, and fast slew-rates to eliminate the common problem of overshoot and undershoot and better emulate real-world electronic ...

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Hammond: New Enclosures for Handheld Instruments

Cheektowaga, NY — New from Hammond Manufacturing is its new 1553T range of T cases, designed for use in a wide variety of handheld instrumentation, data capture and controller application across all industries.

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Heidenhain: Diagnostics-Equipped Encoders

Schaumburg, IL — Heidenhain has introduced an updated version of the popular ADS (Advanced Diagnostic System) from Leine and Linde. The new ADS Online is Leine and Linde's proprietary encoder diagnostic tool. Currently available on Leine and Linde's robust models 801 and 803 rotary encoder products ...

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New Heyco Cordgrips for Tight Strain Relief

Toms River, NJ — Heyco Products Inc. has introduced its new Heyco®-Tite Straight Thru and Pigtail design Snap-In-2® Liquid Tight Cordgrips. Easily installed with no tools or locknuts required, the Snap-In-2 Cordgrip's special fingers securely snap into a range of panel thicknesses. The Pigtail ...

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High Performance Socket from Ironwood for BGA Testing

Eagan, MN — Ironwood Electronics has introduced a new high performance BGA socket for 0.5mm pitch, 3 x 7.5mm Clock Driver IC. The SG-BGA-7244 socket is designed for testing Clock Driver BGA devices and operates at bandwidths up to 10 GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss.

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New BGA Test Contactor from Johnstech

Minneapolis, MN — Johnstech International Corporation has introduced its newest BGA Series test contactor — the Verticon 100 BGA. According to the company, the new device offers best-in-class electrical performance and special mechanical advantages that make it the an outstanding solution for ...

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Kardex Remstar: New QuickPick Technology

Westbrook, ME — New from Kardex Remstar, QuickPick Light Pointer technology utilizes an LED or laser light pointer mounted to a slider that moves horizontally on a guiding system. Located above the access opening in a Shuttle VLM, it directs the operator to the exact part to be picked, increasing ...

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KOA Speer Intros Mini Metal Plate Resistors

Bradford, PA — KOA Speer Electronics is introducing the TLR1E, one of the first metal plate resistors in a 0402 package available in the world. The new resistor has a 10mΩ resistance value with a TCR of ±100ppm/°C.

DC Electric Screwdriving System from Kolver

Chelmsford, MA — KolverUSA has introduced a new series of Electric Screwdriving Systems, with capability between 1 and 35NM. The EDU 2AE Series has single, dual, or multi-torque capability, and models for torque data display, screw and batch counting, angle monitoring, thread cutting, hard/soft joint ...

L-com Adds New Right Angle USB Cables

North Andover, MA — L-com, Inc. has expanded its line of right-angle USB cable assemblies to address confined and tight space USB connectivity applications. The company has added 18 new configurations to its highly successful right-angle USB cables. These new angled USB 2.0 cable assemblies provide ...

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Leader Tech Intros Flame-Resistant Foam Shielding

Tampa, FL — Leader Tech's CFS Conductive Foam material is now available with an optional UL94-V1 flammability rating. The new EMI shielding material is well-suited for intricate die-cut gaskets commonly found in I/O panel, backplane and access panel

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Henkel Upgrades Loctite Instant Adhesives

Rocky Hill, CT — The latest upgrades to low odor, low bloom Loctite Instant Adhesives from Henkel Corporation maintain bond strength in high-humidity environments while delivering temperature resistance to 200°F (93.3°C). Virtually free of pungent odors, Loctite® 403, Loctite 408, Loctite ...

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Micrel Intros Automotive Linear Regulators

San Jose, CA — Micrel, Inc. has introduced two new AEC-Q100 qualified, high-performance linear regulators. Designed to withstand large input overvoltage transient (load dump) occurrences, which often occur in automotive and industrial applications, they can withstand up to 120VDC at input and have ultra-high ...
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Mill-Max: Micro-Mini Fibre Plug Receptacle

Oyster Bay, NY — Mill-Max Mfg. has added a micro-miniature option to its organic fibre plug receptacle lineup. The newest Mill-Max socket receptacle, 4428-0-43-15-04-14-10-0, is the company's tiniest OFP receptacle ever.

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Minmax Intros Medical Grade DC/DC Converters

Hudson, MA — Minmax Power has introduced a new 10Watt, high performance, medical grade converter with reinforced 4200VAC I/O-isolation. Housed in a compact, industry standard 2 x 1-in. (50.8 x 25.4mm) shielded metal package, the new MK10M Series is an excellent, economic solution for space-saving ...

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Nanotec: Compact Closed Loop Stepping Motor

Medford, MA — Nanotec has expanded its offering of integrated stepper motors incorporating closed loop sine commutation with the new Plug and Drive Model PD2-N. According to the company, the Model Pd2-N stepper-with-encoder is not a piggyback design; the sine commutation position, torque and speed ...

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New Hand Tool Options from Phoenix Contact

Middletown, PA — Phoenix Contact continues the expansion of its hand tools with the release of the Crimpfox-N series with permanent dies and an additional cutting and stripping die for complete wire processing. Inserted in the handle of the Crimpfox-N tool, the Crimpfox-WF die provides cutting and ...

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Piher Intros Tiny Rotary Position Sensor

Chicago, IL — Piher Sensors and Controls has introduced the MTS-360 Mechanical Mount Rotary Position Sensor with integral PCB for fast and easy mounting. Designed with the sensor directly mounted onto a PCB, the innovative MTS-360 Sensor/PCB Combo package allows engineers to easily install a fully ...

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