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AOI: The Role of Value-Added Solutions

It doesn't take a crystal ball to know that today's market is inundated with inspection companies and their inspection systems. They come in all sizes and shapes with a multitude of variations of the technology.

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Tomorrow's SMT Placement Platform Is Here Now

For many years, the ideal placement machine consisted of fast hardware that would be able to place ever smaller components in great numbers in established processes. Equipment makers tried to leapfrog each other in terms of machine speed and performance.

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Image-Based Barcode Readers Can Help the Whole System

Laser scanners use a moving pinpoint of light to illuminate the barcode. A single photocell receives the reflected light and converts the barcode into an electrical signal as it moves across a barcode. The scanner then measures the relative widths of the bars and spaces, translates ...

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You Only Think You Don't Need X-Ray Imaging

How often have we heard the refrain: "We don't need x-ray imaging; we don't place BGA components." This is a common misconception in electronics manufacturing circles, and there are a couple of reasons for this. But before we get into that, we need to back up a little and look at the ...

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Selective Conformal Coating

Conformal coating is an enabling process that allows for the ruggedizing of electronic devices and modules. As the process increases the durability of electronics that are subjected to various end-use environmental conditions, it adds value to the product. While it does add value, consumers ...

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Future Dispensing and MID Technologies

The number of applications for jet valves is growing rapidly, especially for LED manufacturing and production. Vermes Microdispensing GmbH — a subsidiary of the Essemtec Group — is involved with forming LEDs with filled media, a process that requires flexibility, accuracy and ...

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Two-Tiered Product Line Meets Market Segment Needs

Portable Electronics needs equipment that has high uptime, excellent repeatability and reliability. This is even more important to high-volume manufacturers because they have multiple lines that produce large volumes of boards within one factory or even across different factories. Repeatability ...

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Hot Solder Dip Component Lead Refurbishing

In the years since RoHS took effect, component manufacturers have converted virtually all of their components to lead-free solder compatibility, leaving those with exemptions, e.g., Hi-rel and military electronics suppliers, with no source for components for tin-lead soldered assemblies ...

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Keeping Wave and Selective Soldering Up to Date

Voids in solder joints are nearly inevitable in everyday processing conditions. The solutions currently available are based on vacuum technology, but this technology has a problem: the heat transfer is really restricted and the vacuum is applied after the peak heating zone. To eliminate ...

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Materials Testing for Microelectronics

Like buildings and bridges, electronic circuits are structures in which materials with quite different mechanical properties are joined together. Predictable and reliable behavior depends on understanding their properties and potential failure modes. A wide range of methods exist to ...

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