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Automatic Profiling Complements AOI & X-ray Inspection

Package on packages (PoPs), µBGAs, 01005 and smaller devices are becoming more commonplace, and this can significantly impact SMT assembly. This technology trend makes all assembly processes more difficult, especially printing and reflow, and it makes inspection a real challenge ...

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BAE Plant Ruined by Flood, Back on Line with Europlacer's Help

Severe storms can be devastating to business operations, with flooding causing damage to plants and machinery. As storms pushed over the Northeast portion of the United States on September 8, 2011, the Susquehanna River flooding, overcoming small towns including the Village of Johnson ...

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Copper Foil Thickness: Resolving Measurement Madness

The copper foil on the printed circuit board has two very confusing units of measure. These units are frequently mixed and confused with each other. To understand the reason the confusion has persisted, it's important to first understand that there are three stake holders in the commerce ...

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ESD Safe Retention Packaging for Components

It is nearly impossible for electronics and component suppliers and manufacturers to have specific packaging for every component variation at every stage of its handling. Components have often been moved in gelatinous packaging that allows components to be retained in a package without ...

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Siemens Switches to Ovation PCB Support Systems

Siemens Electronic Manufacturing (EM) production unit produces PCB assemblies and other products for industrial automation — for both its own business unit and for the world market. Products are assembled on six SMT lines, in three-shift operations running five days a week.

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Vapor Phase: Today's Premium SMT Technology.

Today's reflow systems need another look — particularly when compared to the founding technology without which early SMT assemblies would not have been possible. That founding technology — vapor phase — is still with us, and for good reason. It can handle the tough jobs that ...

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