Thursday, May 24, 2018
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Practical Components to Display Its Latest Products at the IPC APEX EXPO
Practical Components and its sister company Practical Tools will exhibit in booth A16 at the upcoming IPC APEX Expo, scheduled to take place February 19-21, 2013 at the San Diego Convention Center in California.

New! Jabil Solder Paste Evaluation Board and Kit
Practical Components has worked with Jabil to develop a new solder paste evaluation and qualification board and kit.

The Jabil Solder Paste Evaluation Kits were designed primarily to evaluate and compare solder pastes but can be used for a wide variety of requirements such as DOEs, print and reflow experiments as well as for development of new products.

New eWLP and CSPnl 0.4 mm Pitch Amkor Wafers
• -5 wafers embedded copper pads (no balls)
• 8" daisy-chained 0.4 pitch/200 μm thickness

A-CSPnl-Wafer-.4-DC-SAC405 (PN 32101)
• -5 wafers with SAC405 balls
• 8" daisy-chained 0.4 pitch/200 μm thickness

Amkor 0.3 mm Dummy CVBGA
The Practical Dummy Component® version of the 0.3 mm CVBGA has become a popular choice for electronics assembly. It is identical to the live package without the expensive IC die inside. The dummy versions are made of the same materials on the same manufacturing lines and have the same size, thermal and soldering properties as the live equivalent without the cost of a live die.

• A wafer-scale package in a miniature package
• Suitable for installation in surface mount technology (SMT)

The 0.3 mm CVBGA is a 8x8 mm, 368, 0.30 mm solder ball pitch, two-layer thin core substrate with an Ni/Au BGA finish that uses a HL832NX-A (60 µm core) and AUS 410 solder mask. This component is exclusive to Practical Components worldwide.

For this component we have added a CVBGA368-8 mm Evaluation Board that is ideal for testing, evaluating and qualifying this fine-pitch technology.

• Board size is 77x132 mm
• 1 mm thick
• Four layers with 15 pads
• Offered with OSP, ImAg and ENIG finish

For more information, stop by booth A16 at the show, call 714-252-0010 or visit  

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