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Fume Extraction System from Cooper Hand Tools
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Apex, NC — Cooper Hand Tools is introducing the Weller Volume Fume Extraction System (WFE2ES) to capture particles and pollutants produced by the soldering process. This new system is especially suitable for solder baths, hot air soldering, micro soldering and adhesive applications. The company reportedly ...
Techspray Intros Permanent ESD-Safe Coating
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Amarillo, TX — Techspray has introduced Licron Crystal, Permanent ESD-Safe Coating (part #1756-8S), an innovative concept in permanent static dissipative coatings — a versatile, crystal clear urethane coating that adheres to metal, plastic, and most other surfaces. Suitable for converting standard ...
Renishaw Intros Linear Encoder
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Hoffman Estates, IL — New LM10 linear magnetic encoders "go long" — bringing 100 meter travel capability and fit-and-forget operating life to high-speed and high-precision positioning for industry's toughest machinery applications. The solid-state, non-contact design uses...  
Techno: Single-Axis Servo Controller
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

New Hyde Park, NY — The Phoenix 1 Controller from Techno, Inc. provides a complete single axis servo system. This newest controller saves time and money because it comes fully assembled with input/output capability, easy USB communications port, for true plug-and-play operation. The unit controls ...
QC: Maintenance-Free Conveyors with Lube-for-Life Bearings
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Cincinnati, OH — QC Industries has replaced its standard bearings with Lube-for-Life Bearings that have a permanently applied Micro-Poly Lubricant specially designed to meet the unique needs of their conveyors. With this change, QC Industries' conveyors are...
Remstar Shuttle: Higher U.S. Productivity
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Westbrook, ME — The Remstar Shuttle® Vertical Lift Module (VLM) controlled access feature provides managers in electronic organizations additional control and accountability over stored items while saving up to 85 percent of their floor space. Utilizing simple automated systems such as carousels ...
DC Power Relays from Omron
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Schaumburg, IL — New from Omron are DC power relays that switch up to 200A at 400VDC. The new relays are described as fitting green power applications. According to the company, they are safe, quiet,and compact. Called the G9E series, the DC power relays provide a reliable means of disconnect in ...
Imaje Intros Next Gen Laser Coder
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Kennesaw, GA — Imaje is extending its third generation CO2 laser coder product line with the Imaje 7031S, the coder for marking containers made from PET — PolyEthylene Terephthalate, a recyclable plastic. There has been a sharp rise (of +600 percent) in the use of PET in the mineral water and soft drinks industry in the...
NKK Intros Environmentally Sealed Switches
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Scottsdale, AZ — NKK Switches has introduced the WT and WR series of cost-effective, environmentally sealed toggle and rocker switches. Engineered to meet the needs of applications requiring an environmentally sealed and robust solution, WT and WR series switches conform to IP67 (front panel) and ...
OK Int'l Enhances Fume Extraction
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Garden Grove, CA — OK International has made a range of enhancements to its BVX-200 Fume Extraction System. The proven BVX-200 Fume Extraction System now uses brushless motor technology to eliminate wear-out of motor parts and to increase system lifetime in...
I&J Fisnar: Gantry Robot Meters, Mixes & Sprays
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Fair Lawn, NJ — I&J Fisnar gantry robots are heavy duty machines that are especially suitable for integrating with two-part fluid metering and mixing systems. The I&J9000 series of machines are Cartesian gantry designs selected for a conveyor fed process or when...
New NIR PMT Module from Hamamatsu
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Bridgewater, NJ — Hamamatsu Corporation has introduced a new near-infrared photomultiplier tube (NIR PMT) module with easy handling, low noise, and a thermoelectrical (TE) cooling system, which eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen or cooling water. The H10330 NIR PMT module series consists of ...
Gore Intros Newly Enhanced Micromin Cable
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Elkton, MD — W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) has introduced an enhanced microminiature round cable for medical applications. When size and electrical integrity are critical, Gore Microminiature Round Cable reportedly provides one of the smallest, most durable medical cable solutions. A variety ...
Datakey Intros Immersion-Rated Data Carriers
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Savage, MN — Datakey Electronics, Inc. has released a new patent-pending line of Immersion-Rated Receptacles. These Receptacles complement the company's proven data carriers, giving OEMs a 1-stop system solution. The new SR4310 receptacles are now available in IP-66 (splash-proof), IP-67 (immersion-rated), ...
Eraser: Benchtop Wire Twister
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Syracuse, NY — Eraser's Model G10S Bench Wire Twister is used for many diverse twisting needs. The G10S can twist pre-stripped stranded wires, twist strands of two or more wires together, twist wrapped shields on coaxial cables and tighten the twist of already twisted wire...  
FlexLink Rolls Out New Conveyor System
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Allentown, PA — FlexLink now offers a new conveyor system, called the X85, including a state-of-the-art pallet system as well as standardized software to control it. The new pallet system allows for building highly efficient machining and assembly lines. It is described as a toolbox for single piece flow solutions enabling flexible routing and full control of each product in process...
Contrinex: Distribution Boxes Cut Time & Cost
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Old Saybrook, CT — Contrinex is offering distribution systems that provide a complete solution with a fixed, molded cable output, or can be used as pluggable elements. They are available in 4-way to 10-way version for S8 or S12 connectors. The product line also includes the high-quality, fully compatible quick-lock system as well as extremely rugged and tight metal connectors...
Beckhoff Intros Ultra Compact Embedded PC
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Minneapolis, MN — Beckhoff Automation has introduced the new CX9010 DIN rail mounted Embedded PC. With the previous introduction of the CX9000 Embedded PC series, the company repackaged PC-based control technology into its most compact form — a Bus Coupler-sized housing. The new CX9010 has a higher ...
Field-Attachable Connectors from Binder
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Camarillo, CA — Binder-USA has expanded its new version of the 820 series 7/8-in. threaded connectors. These cable plugs will now accept cables having an outer diameter of up to 14mm max. This provides more versatility for industries requiring connections for Fieldbus applications. The 820 series ...
Anomet: Precious Metal Clad Wire & Ribbon
Publication Date: 12/10/2007

Shrewsbury, MA — A full range of precious metal clad wire and ribbon for makers of medical connectors, microswitches, and related high-reliability devices is available from Anomet Products, Inc. The wire and ribbon are metallurgically bonded to a core material, have a smooth, consistent surface finish ...
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