Friday, May 26, 2017
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A Solution for the Skills Gap: More Millennials in Manufacturing

Skills are being lost and the skills gap continues to grow in manufacturing industries as an aging workforce leaves a steadily increasing number of job openings, taking their institutional knowledge with them. Lost in the shuffle of a changing workforce is that manufacturing has changed in significant ...

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Lease or Loan? What You Need to Know to Decide

As the economy continues to improve, more manufacturers are making capital investments to fuel their growth. When business owners and managers consider acquiring equipment, they often think of their payment option as a "lease versus buy" decision. In any economic environment, when preserving owner ...

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Peregrine Semiconductor Streamlines Work-Flow with AtTask

With the telecommunications industry predicted to grow at a rate of 5.3 percent from 2012 to 2017 according to Gartner (, semiconductor companies are facing a unique challenge: their technologies are driving rapid revenue growth, but they lack the project management (PM) systems to ...

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Five Strategies for Accelerating Electronic Products Through the Supply Chain

Technology solutions are brought to market by a number of key actions, including research and development (R&D), manufacturing, and marketing. Yet, there is a fourth discipline that doesn't always receive the attention of these three actions, but which can be just as important in a product's success ...

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Shifting Towards Multidomain MDM Software

Master-domain-management (MDM) software was only available in single-domain formats for many years. But the technology has evolved a great deal in the last ten years. As a result, most of the newer MDM platforms have multiple-domain capabilities. In fact, most manufacturers of MDM software are gradually ...

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R & D Credit Open to More Companies Under Modified IRS Regulations

On June 3, 2014, the United States Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) published a policy change that drastically improves the landscape of the tax credit for businesses performing research and development (R & D). The change will benefit businesses performing R & D to the tune ...

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Industrial Facilities Turn to HDS Surveys for Retrofits and Expansions

Manual surveying of industrial sites for retrofits or facility expansion has often required hundreds of hours, sometimes over months, and sometimes involved hazardous locations. When as-built infrastructures were hidden or not precisely detailed in original plans, the resulting survey errors usually ...

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Outsourcing Product Development:What Could Go Wrong?

Outsourcing product development can make any original equipment manufacturer (OEM) nervous. Anyone with experience in the electronics field has seen first-hand what happens when outsourcing goes wrong — higher costs and time-to-market delays reduce sales volume, lower profitability, and shorten ...

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Effective Feedback is not a Sandwich or a Seagull

Managers rely on team members with improving skills and performance to improve their products and services. But managers who praise their team members without offering suggestions for improvements will not provide the necessary guidance for improvement. And managers who suggest ways for team members ...

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Apple and Oranges: Why B2B Companies Fail

Customers can't tell you what they want; that's why Steve Jobs never asked them. It's a popular (if slightly arrogant) attitude among innovators. Perhaps you've heard — or said — something similar at your company. So you assemble a crack team of big brains and task them with thinking up a great ...

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Accelerating the Selective Soldering Learning Curve

When qualifying a new manufacturing process, it is essential to review the experience and skill levels of key staff members, including factory personnel and the manufacturing engineering team. All processes should deliver repeatable results, which comes from having knowledgeable personnel and advanced ...

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Sizing Up Supply Chain Partnerships

Electronic manufacturing companies faced with production needs often look to electronic manufacturing services (EMS) suppliers for help. But when a company decides to "outsource" their production to one of these EMS partners, is there a way for them to determine the value of their supply chain EMS ...
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The View On Older Workers Is Changing

Workers are staying at jobs longer, creating a workforce with an average age that is older than before. Workers are retiring later in life and staying on their jobs longer. This trend, in a workforce with increasingly older workers, is a major concern for those in the health and safety field due to ...
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Apprenticeship and Training Programs Are Critical

Training is extremely important to the future of manufacturing in the United States, yet in many states it has fallen by the wayside. Training for skilled manufacturing positions has been hit by a perfect storm of budget cuts and the mistaken idea that all young workers should go to college. What ...

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Coming Soon: Manufacturer EPR Requirements

Extended producer responsibility (EPR) has been a policy quest for over 20 years, since the concept was first formally introduced in Sweden by Thomas Lindhqvist in 1990. EPR is an environmental protection strategy to reach an environmental objective of a decreased total environmental impact of a product ...

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Online DfE Training and Certification

A new online design-for-environment (DfE) training and certification program may revolutionize the way engineers approach the design of electronics products.

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Equipment Financing: The Manufacturer's Best Option

Many businesses give additional consideration to equipment financing to take advantage of special incentives lenders and captive vendors may offer. There is typically a flurry of capital spending as the calendar year winds down, because companies want to get the expenditure squeezed into the expiring ...

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Global Growth & Quality Are Keys to Continued Success

Techcon Systems has been a leader in fluid dispensing industry for more than 40 years and today is a part of OK International's OEM Division. Focusing on fluid dispensing systems, Techcon's components are used in medical, automotive, telecommunications, aerospace, and industrial applications ...

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Coming to America: Siplace Ups the Ante with New Facility

At the Siplace Grand Opening in Suwanee, Georgia in June of 2012, several industry experts were invited to participate in panel discussions about the current state and future vision of the SMT industry in the Americas.
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Midsized Manufacturers Major Benefactors of the R&D Tax Credit

Midsize manufacturers take heart. There's some good news in the tax code with a fat tax credit for R&D. "But we're a manufacturer, not an engineering firm. I'm not sure we really do R&D." "We're not a Fortune 500 company; I'm not sure we have enough R&D to file for a credit." We hear it all the time ...
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