Friday, May 25, 2018
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 Jörg Sebald, Supplier Account Manager Siemens AG; Thomas Schmidt, senior vice president and general manager, TE Industrial; Barbara Kux, Member of the Board of Siemens AG; and Terrence Curtin, executive vice president and president, TE Industrial Solutions
DARMSTADT, Germany –
TE Connectivity, a global technology leader, today announced that it has received the Siemens Supplier Award 2012 in the category Sustainability from Siemens AG. This is one of only four awards that recognise a supplier’s exemplary co-operation in building a strong relationship with Siemens while delivering a high level of performance in relation to their products and/or services, and optimising processes in the shared supply chain.

Barbara Kux, Member of the Managing Board at Siemens AG presented the award to TE at the fourth Siemens Supplier Forum in Feldafing, Germany on November 28, 2012. TE earned the award for outstanding performance in acting responsibly to achieve economic, environmental and social progress for the benefit of the Siemens supply chain and on behalf of future generations.
“This award is a tribute to all of the dedicated and committed TE employees who provide our customers with the utmost quality in all of our products and services,” said Terrence Curtin, executive vice president and president, TE Industrial Solutions. “We are extremely pleased and proud to be honored with this award, especially given Siemens' wide range of high-quality suppliers."

TE Connectivity earned the award in the Sustainability category in recognition of its efforts in this area. In 2012, they were named to the Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index. TE also actively protects the health and safety of its workforce. Furthermore, the company contributes to a more energy-friendly, low-CO2 economy with its products and technology solutions.
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