Wednesday, May 23, 2018
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SMART Group Joins United Kingdom Electronics Alliance
SMART Group, Europe’s largest technical trade association focusing on surface mount and related technologies, announces that it now is a part of the United Kingdom Electronics Alliance (UKEA).

The British Government recently has made numerous initiatives in the area of manufacturing. In order to ensure the maximum benefit to UK members, the Group has joined the alliance. UKEA is an umbrella organisation that provides a single voice for the electronics industry when speaking to government.

“While it is early days yet, the SMART Group believes this promising alliance will provide many benefits to our UK members,” said Keith Bryant, SMART’s Chairman. “We look forward to being involved in this new alliance. It undoubtedly will be challenging, but our members and industry have always proven to be up to any task and the value will far outweigh the effort.”

Throughout 2013, the SMART Group will seek members to help and provide input in this initiative. Please email the SMART Group at with specific suggestions or if your company would like to be involved.

For more information about the United Kingdom Electronics Alliance, visit

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