Monday, June 18, 2018
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Pillarhouse launches NEW Selective Soldering Academy (SSA)
The new Selective Soldering Academy (SSA)
will make its debut at APEX 2013, Booth#3141. The SSA offers Advanced Selective Soldering Training with unprecedented real-world and hands on instruction. Whether a novice or well-seasoned, the SSA training sessions are designed to take you or your personnel’s soldering skills to a whole new level.

The training has been developed by a number of highly qualified selective soldering professionals and draws upon contributions from a variety of industry leaders, including flux and solder manufacturers and PCB fabricators. What makes the SSA instruction unique is the specially designed selective soldering test vehicle: the SSA Selective Soldering Challenge Board. This board is specifically designed to emulate from the basic to the most difficult selective soldering scenarios, such as heavy boards or parts, fine pitch and tall close parts.
CONTACT: Adrian De’Ath, Vice President, Pillarhouse USA Inc, :
847 593 9080 ext 121, web: 

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