Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Nordson ASYMTEK Demonstrates NexJet Jetting System with One-Piece Genius Jet Cartridge at InterNepcon Japan
CARLSBAD, CA   Nordson ASYMTEK's new, patent pending, NexJet™ jetting system, with its one-piece Genius™ Jet Cartridge
Nordson ASYMTEK, a leader in fluid dispensing, coating, and jetting technologies, will demonstrate its new, patent pending, NexJet™ jetting system, with its one-piece Genius™ Jet Cartridge, at  InterNepcon Japan, Hall 5 East Booth 47-4.The Genius Jet Cartridge is the only system part that contains fluid, and therefore that needs to be changed and cleaned. It is easily removed in seconds without tools. NexJet makes jetting faster, easier, and reduces cost-of-ownership by up to 20% over other jets.

NexJet can deliver 300 shots of fluid in one second, an improvement of 50% over previous jets. For a more reliable and intelligent dispensing system and process, an RFID transceiver embedded in the dispense system communicates with the stored memory on the cartridge. This system ensures that the correct cartridge is installed, checks to see if the cartridge is within life expectancy, and alerts the operator when the cartridge needs replacement. A wide breadth of fluids can be used for many applications such as stacked die, precision coating, LEDs, flat panel displays, lab-on-a-chip, MEMS packaging, and others.

Also on display will be Nordson ASYMTEK's selective conformal coating systems that deliver significant advantages for manufacturers at every level of production from batch to high-volume in-line processing. These flexible, programmable, integrated coating and curing systems provide precise application of conformal coating and IR/convection or UV curing. A choice of patented dispensing heads allows systems to be configured to meet specific customer coating requirements. The result is cost savings with increased throughput and productivity. In addition, the elimination of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions delivers a rapid return on investment.

"This innovative technology revolutionizes the construction of the jet itself, the accompanying software, and adds wireless capabilities," said Peter Bierhuis, president, Nordson ASYMTEK. "One of the main advantages is the ease of cleaning. Instead of the 8-14 pieces that need removal, cleaning, and replacement in some jets, the NexJet has just one piece, and it's easily and quickly changed without using any tools."

See a demonstration and talk to Nordson ASYMTEK engineers at InterNepcon Japan, January 16-18, 2013 at Tokyo Big Sight - Hall 5 East 47-4.

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