Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Mag Layers USA Introduces its MMD Series of Low-Profile Ultra High Currents Power Inductors
Mag Layers USA, Inc is proud to announce their Low Profile Ultra High Current Power Inductors. Mag Layers USA has an extremely wide range of product offerings for the growing demand of high current applications. They offer case sizes ranging from 3x3mm to 12x12mm with a frequency range to 1MHz and beyond.

With this wide selection of products they can offer solutions for the increasing demands put on space and power saving requirements. The MMD series inductors are a perfect solution for PDA, notebook, desktop and server applications. They continue to meet the needs of today's Low profile, high current power supplies, DC/DC converters for distributed power systems, and DC/DC converter as used in field programmable gate arrays.

The entire series is RoHS compliant, Halogen free, and packaged in a 100% lead free composite construction. The MMD series has a super low resistance and an ultra-high current rating. Please visit their website for a complete listing of sizes and performance ratings .

Samples are available in Irvine, CA;
current production lead times are 6 weeks.

Mag Layers USA is a world leading manufacturer of Inductors, Ferrite beads and LTCC components. The produce over a billion components annually. Mag Layers' components are competitively priced and designed in at many of the Fortune 500's top tech firms. Mag Layers USA services the North and South American markets.
Call Mag Layers USA or email  for Samples

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