Thursday, May 24, 2018
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VisionMaster Increases Presence in Scandinavia with Sincotron Appointment
VisionMaster, Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced 3-D solder paste inspection (SPI) and measurement equipment, announces that Sincotron, led by Pehr Nordman, recently signed on as its manufacturers’ representative in Scandinavia and the Baltic states. Sincotron, founded in 1969, has been serving the needs of electronics assembly manufacturers for more than 40 years.

“We are excited that Sincotron is again representing VisionMaster's innovative SPI products,” says VisionMaster President Shahzad Kirmani.

Sincotron’s headquarters are located in Nummela, Finland. Also, Sincotron operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Sincotron Chairman Pehr Nordman commented, “We aim to offer our clients only products that perfectly fit their needs. There is a distinct market segment that needs offline SPI; VisionMaster’s affordable products are perfect for them.”

In addition to Sincotron’s wide array of talents in sales and marketing, the Sincotron team has the technical skills to optimize its customers’ product usage. The members of Sincotron’s highly professional staff are all specialists in their own fields. They actively maintain and develop their skills with ongoing training. Even though VisionMaster products are incredibly easy to use, “Sincotron support personnel can optimize a customer’s use of the systems by demonstrating the full functionality of the powerful software,” added Nordman.

In collaboration with VisionMaster and our other suppliers, Sincotron aims to serve all customers with the best possible flexibility and efficiency in all our lines of business. “We look forward to working with Sincotron to meet the 3D non-contact sensing needs of the Scandinavian and Baltic electronics assembly industry,” said VisionMaster Vice President Allegra McNeally.

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About VisionMaster

Established in 1996, VisionMaster is a privately held company that focuses on the most efficient, effective engineering to ensure the highest quality products. Focusing on R&D, VisionMaster has made strategic investments so that the company has the capacity to create custom components, which results in superior specs while lowering its – and it customers’ – costs. Every aspect of the M500 and A500 have been completely re-engineered, and the results show it.
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