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SMART Group to Host “100 Years of X-ray Advancement” Webinar
HIGH WYCOMBE, BUCKS, UK — December 2012 — SMART Group, Europe’s largest technical trade association focusing on surface mount and related technologies, announces that it will present the webinar “100 Years of X-ray Advancement” on Tuesday, 29 January, 2013, at 2:30 p.m. (GMT).

This SMART e-webinar will be presented by Dr. David Bernard and Keith Bryant of the SMART Technical Committee. The webinar will discuss numerous advances in terms of X-ray tube, software and X-ray detector technology that have been increasingly applied into helping with the manufacturing of electronic components and assemblies, as well as in their failure analysis.

Topics will include:
- Technology trends driving our industry
- Basic guide to X-ray systems
- Advances in tube and detector technology
- Latest challenges for X-ray
- The battle against counterfeiters
- CT scans and other choices for complex PoPs, etc.

Since the discovery of X-ray imaging technology more than 100 years ago, it has been rapidly driven by the continued reduction in board, device and feature size. It also has been greatly influenced by the movement to using newer, lower density materials within the structures, such as copper wire replacing gold wire as the interconnection material of choice within components. BGAs are getting smaller, QFNs are becoming the norm, PoP is arriving at pace. Surveys are telling us that by 2014, 35 percent of components will be direct mounted onto the PCB, no legs, leads or balls. Bottom Terminated Components (BTC) are the future.

This webinar will be of interest to anyone associated with quality, yield improvement, failure analysis and as well as anyone who would benefit from or needs to look at, or inside, assemblies or components.

This webinar will review the various X-ray tube and detector types that are available and explain the implications of these choices for electronics inspection. These effects will be addressed in terms of what they provide for inspection regarding image resolution, magnification, tube power, detector pixel size and the effects of detector radiation damage, amongst others. It also will suggest optimum configurations for the main electronics inspection tasks required today.

This webinar will last approximately 90 minutes plus questions.

Before booking, and to get the best out of your webinar experience, please click here to read the smart-e-webinar guide.

The SMART Group price of this event is £65 plus VAT. For further information or to book a place for you or your engineering team please click here today.

For further information on upcoming SMART Group events and Web-based seminars, please click here, contact Tony Gordon at 44 (0)1494 465217 or e-mail

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