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Count On Tools Reduces the Price on Replacement Pace Pre-Filters
GAINESVILLE, GA ― December 2012 ― Count On Tools Inc. (COT), a leading provider of precision components and SMT spare parts, announces a price reduction on its line of Pace Replacement Pre-Filters (OEM Part # 8883-0111-P5) for Arm-Evac and Lab-Evac 105/200/250 fume extraction filtration systems. The replacement pre-filters provide up to 30 percent savings compared to original Pace Pre-Filters, making production more affordable. Count On Tools Pace Replacement Pre-Filters are available in packs of five for $20 and ship for free via First Class Mail*.

The Count On Tools Pace Replacement Pre-Filters are low-efficiency particle filters used to protect the primary HEPA filter from large, coarse particles. With the specially designed polymedia filter material along with iFuse coating, the replacement filters can further extend the life of primary filters by offering increased performance: 20-35 percent efficiency compared to the 15 percent (or less) of the original Pace pre-filter, increasing the particle absorption capabilities.

Offers equivalent 90 percent arrestance as the original Pace Pre-Filter.

MERV 8 rating compared to the MERV 1-6 of the original Pace pre-filter.

Catches more than 85 percent of particles 3-10 μm and more than 50 percent of particles 1-3 μm compared to the less than 20 percent of particles 3-10+ μm caught by the original Pace Pre-Filter.

“Our goal with this product line is to offer our customers a more cost-effective product that will not only last as long as or longer than the original pre-filter, but also will improve system performance and the life of the HEPA filter,” said Curt Couch, President of Count On Tools.

Count On Tools’ Pace Replacement Pre-Filters should be inspected weekly. When the filters become clogged, they should be replaced immediately to maximize primary filter life. Additionally, the filters are compatible with lead-free solders.

*Count On Tools offers free shipping with any pre-filter order. The free shipping cannot be combined with any other order or item and only applies to the pre-filters. There is no tracking or insurance on this shipping method and the customer assumes all liability by accepting it. The customer has the option to upgrade the shipping option to another method such as UPS or FedEx for an additional charge or via their account.

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