Monday, May 28, 2018
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Data I/O Corporation Celebrates 40 Years of Innovative Programming Solutions for the Electronics Industry
Data I/O Corporation, the leading provider of manual and automated device programming solutions, is celebrating 40 years of delivering innovative programming solutions to the electronics industry. For the past four decades, Data I/O has developed innovative solutions to enable the design and manufacture of electronics products including mobile devices, infotainment systems, navigation equipment, industrial controls, engine control units and more.

Grant Record and Milt Zeutchel founded Data I/O in November 1972 to support commercially available semiconductor devices that were becoming more popular with designers. Data I/O introduced the first commercial universal device programmer, the Model 1, in 1972. Over the next 40 years, the company continually evolved its technology to become the industry leader, providing electronic design software, programming equipment and software solutions for the latest device technologies including EPROM, EEPROM, NOR Flash, FRAM, NAND Flash and e.MMC.

With a deep understanding of device technology and customer needs, Data I/O is known for collaborating with customers to create high-quality, leading-edge products that solve their problems.

“At Microsoft, we value our close working relationship with Data I/O. When confronted with challenges associated with Programming Flash Memories, Data I/O is very supportive in understanding our requirements and providing solutions that meet those needs. We value Data I/O, both as a partner and trusted supplier. We would like to wish them a happy 40th anniversary,” said Kevin Lo, Senior Hardware Design Engineer, Microsoft.

Below is a selection of Data I/O’s accomplishments over the past 40 years:
· 1972 – First commercial PROM programmer (Model 1)
· 1980 – First universal PROM programmer (UniPAK)
· 1982 – First in-circuit programmer (Model 261)
· 1983 – First schematic capture software (FutureNet)
· 1988 – First automated handler/programmer (Handler 300)
· 1994 – First PCMCIA card reader/writer (CardPro)
· 1998 – First Windows-based process control software (TaskLink for Window)
· 2000 – First programmer at placement (ProLINE-RoadRunner)
· 2002 – First FPGA based programmer (FlashPAK)
· 2005 – First modular desktop handler (FLX500)
· 2011 – First configurable inline programmer (RoadRunner3)
· 2011 – First factory integrated software (FIS for RoadRunner3)
· 2012 – First eMMC automated desktop handler (FLXHD)

“In an industry that has changed dramatically over 40 years, Data I/O has maintained the ability to adapt to the changing electronics landscape by creating innovative products and developing a close connection with customers. Data I/O is the preferred and trusted supplier to the leading global electronics manufacturers,” said Anthony Ambrose, President and CEO of Data I/O Corporation. “I am excited to continue Data I/O’s tradition of innovation and lead the company into our next 40 years.”

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