Monday, May 21, 2018
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Electric Actuator Sizing Software from Tolomatic
Software helps motor selection.
Hamel, MN — A new online electric actuator sizing program from Tolomatic simplifies the design and specification of electric motion control projects. The online software allows precise specification of either rod-style or rodless electric actuators based on the motion profile (velocity/acceleration), orientation, loads and forces. Application and sizing details can be saved, printed and shared electronically with other design team members. According to the company, by offering the sizing software online, automation project engineers can eliminate time-consuming program downloads and avoid IT issues with installing software on ever-changing Windows environments. This powerful new interactive software tool is easily accessed by any device (PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone) that is connected to the Internet.

The sizing software uses a simple six-step process that includes defining the workload, establishing motions, matching an actuator, selecting a motor, adding features such as mounts or switches and viewing the results. The reporting tool allows the selection of final results to include all or selected aspects of the project parameters, along with a 3D CAD file of the selected actuator. A unique feature of this online program is that it simplifies the sizing and selection of an appropriate motor to drive the actuator. The software calculates and reports critical motor sizing parameters such as continuous/peak torque and RPM. Once a motor manufacturer and model are determined, the designer selects that motor from an established database of leading motor suppliers. When the motor is paired with a Tolomatic actuator, the sizing software automatically links up with Tolomatic's exclusive "Your Motor Here" online database to specify the correct motor mounting adapter and hardware.

Contact: Tolomatic, 3800 County Road 116, Hamel, MN 55340 800-328-2174 or 763-478-8000 Web:

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