Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Techspray Launches Ultra-Pure IPA Aerosol
IPA in aerosol can.
Amarillo, TX — Techspray has introduced E-LINE IPA (part #1610-12S) Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) in new, convenient 12-oz. aerosol package. The 99.8 percent pure anhydrous (minimal water) IPA is excellent for defluxing, fiber optics maintenance, stencil cleaning, tool cleaning, tape-head cleaning, and other light-duty cleaning. IPA is one of the most common chemicals found in manufacturing, especially electronic assembly, because of its low cost and solvency on a wide variety of soils. US South Coast regulation SCAQMD rule 1171 restricts the use of bulk IPA in open containers, which potentially threatens operational efficiency and reliability of the final electronics. E-LINE IPA can solve this dilemma because it is a sealed system and compliant with SCAQMD.

E-LINE IPA is fully compliant with California CARB requirements, in addition to European REACH and WEEE initiatives. It does not contain RoHS-restricted substances, SVHC listed substances, or halides. Techspray also offers IPA in other configurations including pints, gallons, drums, and pre-saturated wipes. In addition to the 99.8 percent grade that is common for electronics cleaning and flux thinning, 70 percent IPA/30 percent DI is available to lower the cost and slow evaporation.

Contact: Techspray, P.O. Box 949, Amarillo, TX 79105 800-858-4043 fax: 806-372-8750 E-mail: Web:

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