Saturday, April 21, 2018
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TDK Intros Combo Cap/Inductor
Combination capacitor and coil.
Iselin, NJ — TDK Corp. has unveiled LCap, a new film capacitor from EPCOS for motor control applications. LCap combines an AC capacitor with a choke coil in a single case, cutting costs and halving assembly times. Savings also result from the fact that only two leads are now required instead of four as before. The choke coil is molded into the capacitor case, leading to further benefits such as reduced sensitivity to external influences as well as higher long-term stability compared to discrete solutions.

LCap is available with capacitances from 3µF to 50µF and inductances from 5µH to 100µH and is designed for rated voltages from 250VAC to 450VAC. Other values can be implemented on a customer-specific basis.

Typical applications of the combined components of the B32350 series are TRIAC drives for AC induction motors of the kind used in washing machines and tumble dryers. These circuits have two TRIACs, one of which is driven at a time so that the motor rotates in a specific direction. The capacitor of the LCap is used to generate a second phase. Its inductor protects the TRIACs in the event that they are incorrectly driven simultaneously and thus cause a short circuit.

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