Friday, June 22, 2018
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JDV Intros Vessel Nozzle Type Ionizer
Nozzle type ionizer.
Fair Lawn, NJ — JDV Products Inc., exclusive North American Distributor for VESSEL Company, is introducing VESSEL's new Super Slim Nozzle-Type Ionizer Model N-1. The ionizer is designed to neutralize static charges and remove dust by using a powerful flow of compressed air or nitrogen gas, and has an outstanding ionizing performance with a special rotating nozzle all within an ultra-compact body for easy installation in space-restricted areas. The N-1 incorporates an AC corona discharge method for secure ion balance and a reliable high-frequency piezoelectric transformer that generates ions efficiently for minimizing ion loss. With a very accurate ion balance within ±10V, this unit has a powerful airflow (up to 87psi) for effective cleaning with quick decay time of less than 0.7 seconds — estimated at a distance of 6-in. (152mm) using 43.5psi.

This unit comes with a standard straight nozzle, and an unusual rotary corner nozzle that can rotate and lock at 90° intervals to easily change the air-blow direction. This design alleviates the need to distribute ions through a tube, which can reduce ion performance and may result in ion loss.

The front panel of the unit is equipped with easy-to-see LED lights for operation status. A blue LED indicates good working condition and a red LED signals high voltage error. For safety, the N-1 unit has an automatic shutoff function to protect against abnormally high voltage and an integrated current dependent fuse protects its circuit board.

The built-in 6-terminal connector enables up to four units to be daisy-chained together by using one 24VDC power source and high voltage warnings can be sent to external equipment.

The screw-type nozzle construction allows for easy maintenance. The stainless steel electrode needle is protected inside the nozzle and can quickly be cleaned or replaced by using an optional removal tool.

The N-1 ionizer is suitable for various applications such as preventing part feeder blockages, elimination of fluid spills in filling lines, cleaning surfaces before a coating, painting, labeling, or printing process, and can also be mounted onto chuck panels or automated auxiliary equipment.

Contact: JDV Products, Inc., 22-01 Raphael Street, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 201-796-1720 fax: 201-796-9399 E-mail: Web:

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