Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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EasyBraid Intros X-eye Micro 3D CT X-Ray System
Minneapolis, MN — EasyBraid Co., a manufacturer of soldering and desoldering devices, is also the North American channel for SEC X-Ray, and is introducing the X-Eye Micro 3D CT X-Ray System. This is the latest product offering in SEC's world-class 3D CT X-Ray line. The X-Eye Micro CT machine is designed to be a lower cost and smaller footprint machine while retaining all of the accuracy, clarity, and features of the larger machines. With a 100 x 100mm work area and a flat panel detector, this machine is suitable for the small electronics and semiconductor industries.

EasyBraid is the exclusive North American supplier of SEC, and the addition of this system joins the company's other lines, which include PBT Cleaning Systems, PUREX Fume Extraction Systems, and ALeader Automatic Optical Inspection Systems.

Contact: EasyBraid Co., 11543 K-Tel Drive, Minneapolis, MN 55343 800-840-5394 or 952-929-3040 fax: 952-929-2765 E-mail: info@easybraidco.com Web:

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