Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Quick Stencil Tensioning System from QTS
Quick tensioning frames.
Medway, MA — QTS, Inc. (Quick Tensioning Systems, Inc.) has introduced the Wizard Stencil Stretch Frame System, which is designed to save time, costs, shipping, and waste over the old labor-intensive industry method of assembling custom cast aluminum or tubular frames and stencil foils.

Suitable for high product mix environments and contract manufacturers, the Wizard Frame System is a quick and efficient way of changing stencils and tensioning them in moments using simple, adaptable components and readily-available shop air (compressed). The system consists of two frame components plus the stencil foil. The first frame is a patented molded plastic Container Frame that firmly holds the stencil foil for handling, mounting, and space-saving storage. 64 to 80 contact points securely hold the foil stencil in place. The Container Frame protects the technician from injuries during handling of the stencil's razor-sharp edges. When ready to mount for printing, the Container Frame and stencil are mounted in the adjustable QTS Wizard Master Stretch Frame, a durable, lightweight aluminum frame assembly designed to accept the Plastic Container Frame and stencil and provide user-adjustable stencil tension in all directions. Compressed air at 50-110 PSI is applied (similar to filling a bicycle tire) by the user, and the stencil instantly tensions. Stencil tension can be increased or decreased easily by adjusting the amount of air pressure applied. The Wizard Stencil Stretch Frame System requires less storage space — since stencil foils can be stored in their compact plastic container frames — and eliminates the need for epoxy bonding of the stencil foil to a cast frame, waiting for extended epoxy cure times, etc. Shipping costs are lower since large cast or welded frames don't need to be shipped with the stencil foils, and due to its design, greater clearance allows for a larger board image area. Container Frames are available in three sizes and three types of plastic composition for specific applications.

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