Saturday, June 23, 2018
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KIC Intros New Generation Profiler
Thermal profiler.
San Diego CA — KIC has launched its KICstart2, a new generation data acquisition profiler. The compact and cost-effective profiler takes advantage of the company's easy-to-use graphical user interface. The profiler is designed for those users looking to quickly capture an accurate profile without all of the additional capabilities to optimize the process. Its exceptionally low price makes it affordable for almost any budget.

A challenge with most profilers on the market is not the lack of data being collected, but rather the ability to make sense of a large quantity of data. The KICstart2 uses the company's powerful Process Window Index (PWI) concept to measure the quality of the profile with a single number. Most companies today are running lean and need equipment that is easy-to-use, with which operators and technicians can be trained easily.

The new thermal profiler utilizes core technologies developed by KIC, and is supported by its worldwide organization. The patented design concept automatically identifies the location of each oven heating zone, so few, if any, measurements are required. In addition, it automatically corrects for different thermocouple (TC) locations on the part, aligning them for improved profile graph viewing.

Contact: KIC, 16120 W. Bernardo Dr., San Diego, CA 92127 858-673-6050 fax: 858-673-0085 Web:

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