Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Goepel Electronic Automates Use of Chip Embedded Instruments
Jena, Germany — Goepel electronic has developed an Automatic Application Program Generator (AAPG) for the utilization of Chip embedded Instruments based on the ChipVORX® technology.

The new generator is another option within the integrated JTAG/Boundary Scan software platform SYSTEM CASCON. It enables the automatic generation of complete application scripts for chip-embedded test and measurement instruments — such as chip-dependent instrument selection, implementation (for FPGA), addressing, configuration and procedural control as well as qualification of the generated data. In addition, the software is able to generate scripts for graphical control panels in order to support interactive debugging.

The AAPG is a versatile tool providing for the utilization of any chip-embedded instrument. It works on a mission basis and connects the specific instrument information, integrated in a ChipVORX model, with the system-internal database for structural and functional Unit Under Test (UUT) description. The result of fully automated script generation is based on the company's Boundary Scan standard language CASLAN (CAScon LANguage). It can be executed with each Run-Time station in the SYSTEM CASCON software without further options. In addition, Gang applications are supported.

Because CASLAN is also the central control language for all additional operations such as Boundary Scan or Processor Emulation Test, interactive test procedures for even higher test coverage are easily possible.

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